Book Reviews

The Da Vinci Code (2006) by Dan Brown

The Signature of All Things (2013) by Elizabeth Gilbert

Pride and Prejudice (1813) by Jane Austen – Full Review

Pride and Prejudice (1813) by Jane Austen – My First Impressions

Lie in Wait (2015) by Eric Rickstad

In the Unlikely Event (2015) by Judy Blume

The Casual Vacancy (2012) by J.K. Rowling

Room (2010) by Emma Donoghue

All The Light We Cannot See (2014) by Anthony Doerr

The Good Girl (2014) by Mary Kubica

Go Set A Watchman (2015) by Harper Lee

The Girl on the Train (2015) by Paula Hawkins

Le matou (1981) by Yves Beauchemin (french)

The Glass Castle (2005) by Jeannette Walls

Murder at Hazelmoor (1931) by Agatha Christie



Métis Beach (2014) by Claudine Bourbonnais

Germinal (1885) by Émile Zola

L’Étranger (1943) by Albert Camus

Le Petit Prince (1942) by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

1984 (1949) by George Orwell



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